Welcome To Balance Academy!

Redefining Education to Empower Aspiring Student-Athletes

What Is Balance Academy?

Welcome to Balance Academy! A micro-school where we redefine education to empower aspiring student-athletes. At our school, we craft personalized learning plans tailored to each student, nurturing their unique strengths and aspirations. We understand that your athletic dreams are just as important as your academic pursuits, so we provide unwavering support to help you excel both on and off the field, gym or court. Our holistic approach ensures that you can chase your athletic goals without compromising your academic success. Embrace a vibrant community that values your growth as a well-rounded individual, fostering leadership skills that will serve you far beyond your student-athlete journey. This is where your extraordinary future begins!

Our Four Pillars


Passion and perseverance through exploration and experiences.


Habits of success through personalized, project-based learning.


the love of sport with the love of learning to motivate and inspire all learners.


one’s social capital through connection and community engagement.

Academics meets athletics to fulfill each individual’s potential.

Our vision is to connect an athlete’s passion for their sport with a learner’s curiosity for knowledge to develop the next generation of thought leaders and to fulfill each student’s human potential.

Why Balance Academy

All teachers hold MA and above in Education

Olympic Level Coaching

Small class sizes 1-12 ratio

100% of students receive Spanish lessons

What Balance Academy Offers!



Middle School

High School 


Specific Sports Focused Strength, Flexibility, and/or Speed Training, Sports Therapy (Physical, Mental, Emotional)

Passion Driven Activities

HorseBack Riding, Archery, Outdoor Education, Cooking, Photography, Music, Art, Field Trips 

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